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Friday, November 6, 2015


Some mulch basics in landscape

The starter steps to mulching are grading the area and getting weeds under control. Before the grading process make sure to have your weeds under control; you may want to treat the area with a pre-emergent herbicide before laying mulch.

Season Choices: Laying mulch for the winter can help insulate the ground and protect the roots of plants through the colder months. If you are laying mulch for the winter the best time to do it is late fall while the soil has cooled but hasn't frozen. If you choose to lay summer mulches it is best to lay in mid-spring once the ground has warmed up and the roots are becoming active. (It is an important note is to make sure to pull away the mulch from trunks of trees in the fall to allow proper hardening of the bark.)

When laying mulch 3 inches is a good depth. Be sure to lay the mulch evenly so it insulates properly. Additionally, areas that are thinner can more easily develop weeds.

Visit our Mulch Educational Information Page and FAQs section to find more information on laying mulch.

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